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2022 Rules and Guidelines:

Rockdale Fair- Home Economics Division Moving to January 2023

Did you know that Rockdale Fair host a Home Economics Division at the fair? This division is an opportunity for youth and adults to work on projects that they complete at home or in a 4-H or FFA meeting or even an art class and compete! Division categories include Afghans, baked goods, canned goods, clothing art, collections, painting, creative arts, drawings, floral arrangements, holiday crafts, handwork, horticulture, paper crafts, photography, quilts, recycled crafts, woodworking, and many other categories!

This year, to enhance and provide a great experience to the youth and adults of Milam County, we have decided to move the Home Economics to January 2023. This will also participants an opportunity to have time to work on their projects during the Holiday seasons and enter them later since the fall season is so hectic and busy! This will provide for a quality Home Economics Show and we hope to boost participation.

A date is being worked on for the January 2023 Rockdale Fair Home Economics Show! We can’t wait to make it bigger and better! Stay tuned for the new date!

2021 Rules and Guidelines:


2020 Rules and Guidelines:

There are some changes that you all need to note:

Most of the changes are highlighted.

  • Some major ones are that the entry fees have increased to $25.00.
  • Rule V states that we will tag every animal with an RFA tag even though it has a state validated tag.
  • Rule W has 3 dates for work days for all the exhibitors.
  • On Market goats and lambs females, they must have scrapie tag in place at the July 11 tag in or they will not be tagged and cannot show in Rockdale.
  • We have extended the date for Breeding Beef Heifers to Sept 10 and only crossbreds who do not have a tag should come to the July 11 tag in.



2019 Rules and Guidelines:



            CLEANUP/SET UP DAY, SEPTEMBER 29th or OCTOBER 6th FROM 1:30 to 4:30.  ROLL WILL BE


2018 Rules and Guidelines

Rockdale Fair Website

Major Changes:

  •  There will be not a Turkey show.
  • Scrapie tags on female goats and  female lambs only.
  • Bottom weight on swine lowered to 220.
  • Shavings in the barns for all species.
  • The Goat show will begin at 11:30 am on Friday.
  • The Steer show will begin at 2:00 pm on Friday.
  • The Breeding Beef Heifer show will begin at the conclusion of the steer show followed by showmanship.
  • Sale time for the Commercial Heifers has been moved back to 11:30.
  • Fly tags on commercial heifers are permitted.
  • There are some changes to rules for cleanup on all animals including commercial heifers.
  • We have some new superintendents in several divisions.

2017 Rules and Guidelines

2016 Rules and Guidelines

2015 Rules and Guidelines


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