Roundup- Presentations and Share the Fun


County Roundup, District Roundup Dates to Remember

  • Please fill out google form by Monday, April 12, what category you are entering (Please use the categories below are what to enter): 
  • Eligibility Forms must be filled out by Friday, April 23th. 
  • District Roundup- See below for NEW DATES and CHANGES
  • Below is the information for this year’s District Roundup. Big changes to note are below:


    Contest Dates:

    • Educational Presentations-April 26-27 starting at 4:30pm each day.(please see the rules for specific category date assignments)
    • Public Speaking-April 29, starting at 4:30pm
    • Share the Fun-Submission uploads to be completed April 20-24th (will send Google Link to agents and participants). Judging to take place April 26-29.
    • Quiz Bowls (FCH, Horse, Livestock)-May 1st (to be held in person)
    • Educational Presentations Categories:
      • Monday, April 26th:
        • Agricultural Technology & Farm Safety Ed Pres
        • Animal Science Educational Presentation
        • Beef Educational Presentation
        • Horse Educational Presentation
      • Tuesday, April 27th:
        • Health & Wellness Educational Presentation
        • Open Family & Community Health Ed Pres
        • Open Educational Presentation
        • Promote 4-H Educational Presentation
        • Safety & Injury Prevention Educational Presentation
      • Thursday, April 29th:
        • Public Speaking
    • Share the Fun:
      • Celebrate 4-H
      • Musical/Instrumental
      • Solo Band
      • Choreographed Routine
      • Dramedy
      • Poetry/Prose
      • Vocal
    • Quiz Bowls:
      • FCH
      • Livestock
      • Horse


Contest Entry Forms and Guidelines/Descriptions

Share The Fun:

Educational Presentations/Public Speaking:

Public Speaking:

Beef/Horse/Swine Quiz Bowls:



Share the Fun Ideas:

If you have youth or volunteers who are looking for ideas for Share The Fun, check out some of these videos on YouTube for some creative and FUN performances!
Looking for some ideas for Celebrate 4-H Skits?  Here are a few ideas that I’ve been able to come up with!  You might add to the list!
* Disney Characters Explore 4-H
* showcase your one day 4-H project and how SERVICE made an impact
* Use a current sit-com, movie, cartoon, soap opera or television show to play off of the story line!  Keep it CURRENT!
* Use a current game show like “Deal or No Deal” to create a skit
* Use a popular children’s story and re-write the story to be 4-H related
* And the list could be endless!

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