Photography Contests

Milam County 4-H

Photography Contest


  • Deadline to enter: March 21st -5pm (SAME AS County/District)- Senior winners will move to District and State competition
  • State Rules: 21-22_Photography_Rules
  • Please see items/checklist needed by March 21st

STATE: Those photos at County Contest winning in their category (1 per category) will advance to DISTRICT AND STATE. ONLY Senior AGE 4-H members (9-12th grade students) can compete at state. You MUST enter the County contest to go to state.


Items to be done by March 21st: 

  • Enter Photos: 2022 Milam County 4-H Photography Entry Form
  • 1 picture per category
  • Make sure your photos follow the guidelines for category, size, and name of file for each
  • All photos must be labeled with the kids name and their category
  • Eligibility Form (filled out and sent to Extension Office OR UPLOADED on the ENTRY FORM) Eligibility Form Link
  • CLOVERBUDS PHOTOS: Cloverbuds will be able to enter FREE of charge into the photo contest. Deadline is the same (March 21)  Cloverbuds will not advance to District/State.

State Dog Show Photography Contest

2022_DogShowRules_Photography Contest

May 13, 2022: All photos for photography contest uploaded into 4-HOnline

State Videography Contest

Texas 4-H is excited to announce a brand-new state contest, and thanks to the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation, there is some great prize money available for the top 3 entries!  Below you will find the link to the rules for the 2021-2022 Texas 4-H Videography ContestVideography_Contest_Rules_2021-2022

All the details about the contest, who is eligible to compete, the prize money offered, registration deadline, scoring rubric, and much more can be found within the document.