Food and Nutrition Project

4-H Food and Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyles Project

Food Show Dates to Remember:

  • November 1: Entry Form Due to Extension Office (can be emailed, faxed, or dropped off)
  • November 14: Practice Food Challenge and Food Show, 6pm, Place Bea’s Kitchen
  • November 22: District Food Entries Due, 4-H Connect
  • December 11: District Food Show and Food Challenge Contest, Bell County Expo


Food Show Information:

Food Challenge Information:


Food Challenge Resources for Food Challenge Boxes:


Remember these items for FOOD SHOW:

  • Serving utensil- to serve judges (wrapped in napkin)
  • Table setting to show off dish (40 in wide max) -1 table setting
  • Recipe for judges and for table
  • Extra food for people’s choice tasting
  • Dress nice (or to your theme of table and dish)!
  • HAVE FUN!!!!
  • Sample questions:

Sample Questions for Junior, Int, and Seniors

  1. How do you balance your daily menu to ensure that you get proper amounts of food from the food groups?
  2. Name food groups and amounts that are required from each food group each day.
  3. What function does each ingredient perform in the recipe?
  4. What are the basic preparation principles involved in preparing this dish?
  5. What food safety practices did you use during preparation?
  6. What is considered a serving of your dish?
  7. If substitutions are possible, what are they?
  8. What and what amount of important nutrients are found in your dish?
  9. What is the function of the nutrients found in your dish?
  10. What change have you made in your dietary habits as a result of your 4-H food project?
  11. Tell about your community service and leadership through the year’s food project?
  12. What were your goals for your foods project and what are some activities you did in this project?
  13. What do you consider your most important learning experience in this year’s food project?
  14. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your project?

These are sample questions.  Judges are free to ask whatever they wish.







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