Eligibility Form

All Contests and Livestock Shows (any competitive event) requires an Eligibility Form to be completed 1 week prior to the contest/show. Please print and complete this form and turn it in to the County Extension Office, 100 East 1st Street, Cameron, TX 76520. Or it can be faxed to 254-697-7046.

Eligibility Form 2021

  1. Information Only or Absence from school: please check if you are missing school or not.
  2. Activity: this is the show or contest you are competing in- such as: Ft. Worth Stock Show, District Roundup, District 4-H Consumer Contest, San Antonio Livestock Show, etc.
  3. Date: This is the date of the contest and the days you will be out, NOT today’s date that you are filling it out
  4. Signature of Parent/Guardian: This is the person who takes care of you not the parent or person taking you to the contest.
  5. I hereby certify that ______________ (This is the 4-H member…fill in the name of the person who needs eligibility completed)
  6. Date- Fill out the CURRENT date- that is today’s date that you are filling out the form.
  7. Below- this is for the school not for you. Please do not fill it out!
  8. This is one form per activity so make sure you fill out for each activity. NOTE: If the activity is on the same day and you are doing 2 activities within that contest then one is sufficient. Example: Showing Rabbits and Poultry at MCJLS.