4-H Enrollment/Guidelines

Steps to Enroll and Participate in 4-H:

  1. Enroll Online– Please see below for instructions and more details.

  1.  Attend your Club Meetings

  2. Read 4-H Blasts/Newsletters

  3. Like our Milam County 4-H Facebook Page

  4. Attend 4-H Project Activities/Contests

  5. Please Call the County Extension Office if you have any questions or need more information


All 4-Hers and Leaders Need To Update Enrollment Annually–


4-H Members:

  • Current 4-Hers need to update their profile on the 4-H Connect System.
  • New 4-Hers need to set up a profile and complete all information.
  • $20 4-H Registration Fee for Junior, Intermediate and Senior age 4-Hers from August 15, 2017—October 31, 2017.  On Nov. 1st the fee goes to $25.
  • No registration fee for Beginner age 4-Hers
  • Remember You Need to be an Active 4-H Member to participate in activities


  • Current leaders need to update their profile on the 4-H Connect System.
  • Leaders will have to complete 2 trainings before being approved on 4-H Connect.
  • New leaders need to set up a profile and complete all information.
  • $ 10 Registration Fee for Volunteers (includes screening)
  • Remember leaders must be active to assist 4-Hers in project activities as well as drive 4-H members to events.

Please keep your email address, mailing address and contact information updated throughout the year on 4-H Connect.

Documents to help with Enrollment on 4-H Connect:


As per 4-H Council and the Parents and Leaders; a new rule will be enforced this year. To be an ACTIVE MEMBER in Milam County 4-H and be able to participate in the 2018 Milam County Junior Livestock Show, all members will be required to attend a minimum of TWO Club meetings. This rule will start August 1, 2017 and all members have from August 1, 2017-March 1, 2018 to attend their 2 meetings. 4-Hers must attend 2 meetings of their primary club (the club you registered for as primary on 4-H connect) and you MUST sign in on the attendance sheet when you arrive at the meeting. This is so your attendance is documented and that all members are accounted for when the Club Managers keep track of attendance.


  • You much enroll on 4-H Connect for the current year starting September 1st
  • You can ONLY attend your primary club to count for the TWO meetings
  • Attend TWO meetings from August 1, 2017-March 1, 2018
  • Make sure you SIGN the sign in/attendance sheet when you first arrive at the meeting




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