4-H Enrollment/Guidelines

Steps to Enroll and Participate in 4-H:

  1. Enroll Online

  2.  Attend your Club Meetings

  3. Attend Cloverbuds Project Group (K-2nd Graders): Cloverbuds Project Group

  4. Read 4-H Blasts/Newsletters

  5. Like our Milam County 4-H Facebook Page

  6. Attend 4-H Project Activities/Contests

  7. Please Call the County Extension Office if you have any questions or need more information


All 4-Hers and Leaders Need To Update Enrollment Annually–


4-H Members:

  • Current 4-Hers need to update their profile on the 4-H Online System.
  • New 4-Hers need to set up a profile and complete all information.
  • $25 4-H Registration Fee for Junior, Intermediate and Senior age 4-Hers from August 15, 2022—October 31, 2022.  On Nov. 1st the fee goes to $30.
  • No registration fee for Beginner age (Cloverbuds) 4-Hers (K-2nd grade)
  • Remember You Need to be an Active 4-H Member to participate in activities


  • Current leaders need to update their profile on the 4-H Online System.
  • Leaders will have to complete 2 trainings before being approved on 4-H Online.
  • New leaders need to set up a profile and complete all information.
  • $10 Registration Fee for Volunteers (includes screening)
  • Remember leaders must be active to assist 4-Hers in project activities as well as drive 4-H members to events.


September 1st begins open enrollment for 4-H, there have been some changes in the screening process this year for all volunteers.  Please review the information below regarding enrollment this year.

The first thing that needs to be checked is your birthdate.  In initial enrollments over the past few years, a default date of January 1, 1920, may have been populated in this field.   THIS MUST BE CORRECTED BEFORE YOU CAN CONTINUE WITH ENROLLMENT.  This correction can only be made by the Extension Office.  Please check your birthdate and if it is incorrect, please email carolyn.hux@ag.tamu.edu with your correct date of birth if it needs to be changed.  When it has been updated, you will be notified by email.

4HConnect is transitioning to a new company for all background screening, Sterling Volunteers will now be completing all our background checks.  Please review the information below to see the specifics that are necessary for the new process of enrollment and screening.


Unique Volunteer Member Email Address

Each individual volunteer will need a unique email address.  As I mentioned in my July 14th email, remember:

  • The login email address is the Family email address.
  • Once the Family is created, Members (Club Members or Volunteers) are added to the Family.
  • Each Member may have a unique Member email address. Each Volunteer will be required to have a unique Member email address.
  • Only one Member may use the Family email address as their individual Member email address.
  • There is no sharing of Member email addresses between spouses, family members, or friends.


These Volunteer Member email addresses do not have to be added before getting started with enrollment/re-enrollment.  4HOnline will prompt the volunteer for this Volunteer Member email address before directing him/her to Sterling Volunteers to enter the background check information.

here are some changes this year regarding enrollment of volunteers.

Sterling Volunteers for Screening

  • After submitting the payment information and clicking Confirm to submit the application in 4HOnline, the next step is Screening.
  • After entering the unique Member email address, if needed, you will be directed to the Screening page.
  • Click the Go to Sterling Volunteers button.
  • This will open a new internet tab in the browser.
  • There are 6 screens:
    • Verify information.  (Email, birth date, and zip codes MUST match 4HOnline information.)
    • Create a Sterling account.  (Same email as unique Volunteer Member address in 4HOnline.)
    • Enter information
      • First, Middle, Last Names
      • Suffix
      • Date of Birth
      • Social Security Number
      • Gender
      • Phone Number
      • Email address
    • Enter address and how long lived at that address
    • Consent to background check
    • Verify information and Submit Order
  • There is a Confirmation/Congratulations page.
  • Volunteers may also log back into their account and see their Activity History and status of their background check.

Volunteers will need to remember to close their Sterling internet tab and return to 4HOnline to complete their Trainings.

Please keep your email address, mailing address and contact information updated throughout the year on 4-H Connect.

Documents to help with Enrollment on 4-H Connect:

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