Milam County 4-H Council and Parent/Leaders

Milam County 4-H County Council Officer Intent to Run Form 2018  NEW AND UPDATED!

Officers for 2017-2018:

  • Chairman: Neeraj Bhakta
  • 1st Vice Chairman: Abbigail Miller
  • Delegate at Large: Heath Hollas
  • Vice Chairman for 4-H Promotion: Patrick Dean
  • Vice Chairman Community Service: Scott Widner
  • Vice Chairman for Summer Activities: Sydney Vaculin
  • Secretary: Grant Widner
  • Treasurer: Jacob Barron
  • Parliamentarian: Gabriel Ramthun

County Council Officers for 2018-2019:

  • Chairman: Abbigail Miller
  • 1st Vice Chairman: Sydney Vaculin
  • Delegate at Large: Colby Barton
  • Vice Chairman 4-H Promotion: Scott Widner
  • Vice Chairman Community Service: Kassidy Hundle
  • Vice Chairman Summer Activities: Grant Widner
  • Secretary: Marisol Hill
  • Treasurer: Jacob Barron
  • Public Relations: JW Hollas
  • Parliamentarian: Jacob Pedroza

Below are the meeting dates for the County Council and Parent/Leaders! Anyone is welcome to come to the meetings and learn about what is going on in the Milam County 4-H!

Month/Date (6:30pm)

3rd Mondays

Location Program
April 16 Cameron– Bea’s Kitchen Elections/District Officer- Neeraj Bhakta


County Council By-Laws Adopted 5-17-16